Advertising law

In view of the evolution of advertising communication techniques, and especially new media, advertisement law is in a state of constant change that involves different areas of law such as commercial law, consumer protection, competition law or even, intellectual property law.


Advertisement legislation is complex and requires constant monitoring so as to avoid deceptive advertising incrimination and to follow the rules related to promotions that are strictly supervised.


Fitzlawter provides assistance during contractual negotiations and during the lifetime of the franchise contract, especially in case of litigation.


Our law firm ensures your advertisement strategy’s compliance by validating your ad campaigns and promotional actions such as game contests or lotteries that are governed by French and European legislation.


In order to give you maximum visibility, we will assist you with implementation of partnerships, sponsorship contracts and creation and exploitation of informational or promotional campaigns by assisting with both contract negotiations and contract drafting. Our litigation department will assist you in all litigations linked to advertising industry.