Distribution Right

In order not to distort competition in a market, the implementation of a selective distribution network has to comply with article 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and commercial laws. Henceforth, the entirety of distribution contracts is subject to complex rules that condition their validity.

Fitzlawter advises and assists in the drafting of your documents so that they can be legally bound to your contractors in accordance with the requirements of both the law of contracts and the law of distribution.

In order to assist you in your market development strategy, our law firm associates offers you with:

  • Exclusive distribution contracts, that ensures a territorial exclusivity to distributors and that fits perfectly to highly specific products such as top-range products.
  • Selective distribution contracts, which allows a company to select, on the basis of defined criteria, future distributors allowed to distribute their products and to ensure its image and to control sale conditions.

Those networks that can be put into place through franchise contracts, trademark dealership agreements or even commission contracts which require legal advice that our associates are ready to provide for the best implementation of your project.

On another note, Fitzlawter offers contractual audits in order to deal with potential problems and the commitments by which you will be held within the framework of your distribution network. Finally, our firm assists you in the drafting of documents necessary to realize your project like the drafting of the general conditions of purchase, sale and services.